The firm has opted for specialising in business law in general, and company law in particular. For that purpose it means to be an instrument of daily legal backing for the company through counselling and assistance, and should the case arise, throuhg litigation management as plaintiff or defendant.

As part of legal backing to investors, the firm is behind the creation, the implementation and the daily monitoring of many economic entities.

In addition to that, the firm has acquired sound experience in securing its clients transaction by giving legal advice grounded not only on the conformity of transactions with the applicable law, but also on studies and checkings a different levels notabily the level existence and viability of the company, the viability and regularity of the decisions made by the companuy bodies (General Assembly, Board of Directors) related to contemplated transactions, the power of signatories as well as the monitoring of agreements effects, if need be.

To meet investors needs, for legal services, the firm offers state of the art legal expertise in project setting up enhanced by a perfect command of the investment legal framework at national level and the legal purview set up within the framework of OHADA ( a subregional organisation in charge of streamlining business law). (OHADA).

Taking into account the growing complexity of the demand for conselling services to companies, the firm has developped a policy of openness to other disciplines, thus expressing our ability to collaborate within a network of partners on a pluridisciplinary approach.

The firm intervenes in all the sectors of business law in general notably in commercial law (general commercial law, company law, fiscal law) banking law, insurance law, company law, fiscal law, copyright law, labour law. This option does not mean ignoring civil law which is the foundation of business law.

This option does not mean ignoring civil law which is the foundation of business law.