In order to better serve you we have extended our range of services with the ambition to provide you services which enhance the value of your business.

Conselling and Assistance
Litigation management and representation
Debt recovery
Legal auditing
Legal opinion and due diligence
Package services
Information Validation
Legal engineering

1- Conselling and Assistance

We give well advised legal counsel and stand by your side in your business daily to better apprehend the legal issue in your business daily to better apprehend the legal issue in your managing system.

To guarantee the reactivity required in the business world, we put at your disposal online services with a platform for electronic payment.

2- Litigation Management and Representation

We make first rate achievements in our work which is essentially concerned with litigation and the good results we get confers on our firm efficiency and integrity such a reputation owes our firm the respect of all professionals

Beside representation in court, our firm is in a position to represent you in arbitration proceedings.

3- Debt recovery

The main banks as well as european insurance agencies to exports honour us with their trust for the collection of their debts.

Our acknowledged technical know how and a long experience in the matter allow us to offer our clientele quality service either through amicable arrangement or litigation.

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4- Legal auditing

The company is at the confluence of many legal relationships which necessarily generates a risk that it is advisable to handle, good management being a token of performance and long term viability.

The legal auditing we propose enables companies to have a dynamic command of the legal risk omnipresent in their business. Taking into account the legal risk is an indispensable complement to the management of the other kind of risks throught specific auditing sessions.

Furthermore legal auditing is a component of the legal management of the company which makes of law a source of potentially profitable opportunities likely to enhance the value of the company.

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5- Legal opinion et due diligence

In international agreemants particulary in the field of financing the coming into effect is subjected to the issuing of a legal opinion. Our firm has an established experience in this field and guarantees the reactivity required because of the very short notice closing requirements that caracterize the transactions concerned.

The acquisition of a company conceals hidden risks whose management is imperious.

Throught due diligence, we are in the the psition to back you in order to secure your investment in the process of company acquisition.

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6- Package service

We have divised for investors a customized services package which meets the entire needs of investors for services.

Our firm processes straight away the requirements ( hôtel booking, welcoming at the airport car renting, domiciliation office hearing)

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7- Information Validation

Doubt and uncertainty about information from business counterparts can make one miss opportunities. Committing oneself on the grounds of non cross cheked information can be risky. It is essential to know one's counterpart to create a sustainable and secure business relation.

Our firm offers a commercial and legal information validation service to meet the abovementioned requirements.
Such a service can be of valuable contribution for foreign countries insurance agencies to exports


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8- Legal engineering

Rich in his experience the acknowledged competence and know how of his associates and collaborators, our firm,is able to take in charge the legal engineering of the most complex project setting up, right from the start or while they are underway.

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9- Training

9.1- Customized Training

We offer companies customized practical training in all the aspects of business law and labour law.This can be basic training, knowledge upgrading or introduction to a new legislation. Such a training, depending on the case, ensures practical knowledge upgrading to the company jurists to have the level of legal knowledge required to exert some responsibilities.

9.2- Legal Risk Mamagement

The omnipresence of the legal risk at every level in the company requires proactive and anticipated management of the legal risk. The administrators and executives must profit by a training which ensures a fair knowledge of the main legal rutes that govern the business world. Thus they will be able to analyse situations by the light of this knowledge and determine risk areas to handle.

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